Celebrating 82 Years in 2017

Membership is open to all women who have reached their sixteenth birthday by May 1 of the tournament season and who are golfing members of a WBDGA member club, provided that the club has an 18 hole USGA rated course that is available for tournament play and has established USGA Handicaps which are within the limits set by the organization.


Proposed members: names are proposed each fall based on a player’s year end index. She must have 10 scores in for the year proposed and  she must have a minimum of 20 scores posted in total. Thus, a full index (not a temp index), with her 20 scores recorded in the year of proposal and the preceding year.


Per the USGA, handicap controls include a series of checks and balances to ensure that a Handicap Index will accurately measure a player's potential ability. These handicap controls prevent scores that are not representative of a player's potential ability from distorting the player's Handicap Index. The following handicap controls are incorporated into the USGA Handicap System to produce a reliable and equitable Handicap Index. How many times have you played this season and how many scores do you have posted?

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We are having a problem with slow play at 2016 events. This was specifically noticed at the 2-Gal at EACC.


It is your responsibility as a member of the WBDGA to keep up with the group in front of you. You should be finishing in 4 hours. If your group is being held up by a slower group, a group searching for a lost ball, etc. it is your option to ask to play through. You may also contact the host pro shop to request a ranger check on the slower group.  (August 2016)


¨ Take 2 clubs when walking to your ball

¨ Don’t just take your rangefinder-take clubs and your rangefinder

¨ Split the fairway and each player should walk to her ball-the cart driver is not your chauffer

¨ Continuous putt

¨ Play ready golf

¨ Pay attention to the group in front of you and don’t hold up the group behind you




Please note that we make every effort to schedule around district, Western, state and USGA events but we are given very little flexibility by our host clubs.


Entries for 2017 will be added to the calendar as soon as details become available.

Bridgewater CC

Brierwood CC

Brookfield CC

Cherry Hill Club

Country Club of Buffalo

Crag Burn GC

East Aurora CC

Fox Valley Club

Gowanda CC

Lancaster CC

Niagara Frontier CC

Orchard Park CC

Park Country Club

River Oaks CC

Shorewood CC

Springville CC

Tan Tara CC

Transit Valley CC

Wanakah CC






Entries will be posted as information becomes available.


USGA Article on Rules Misconceptions


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