2019 Dues Notice for the WBDGA


Please print this page and return it with your $40 dues check.




Checks should be made out to WBDGA and mailed to:
Robbie Puszcz, 2 Glen Abbey Drive, East Amherst NY 14051.


Dues are due on receipt of this notice. Your name must be resubmitted if you decline membership or do not respond by 3/15/2019.

 Go to www.wbdga.com for more information. We will post dates as they get confirmed.
Honor Bright One Day Medal Championship
Four Gal Better Ball
Two Gal Better Ball


You must be a golfing member of your club for 2019 to be eligible to join.
If you are on a leave from your club you are not eligible.



Current Member Name:__________________________________________


Club:  _______________________________________________________


Phone:  ______________________________________________________



eMail: _____________________________________________(please print)


If you are not interested in joining the Women's Buffalo District Golf Association
for 2019, please reply to: rpuszcz@aol.com and state that you are not joining
the Women's Buffalo District Golf Association for 2019.


Your name must be submitted to be proposed again at a later date.


To be eligible, you must have a valid and current handicap to be proposed for
WBDGA membership: This includes a minimum of ten 18 hole scores
posted during each of the previous two seasons (2017 & 2018)
or at least twenty 18 scores from 2018.



An junior proposed for membership must be 16 years old. Note that we
do not allow parents, caddies, coaches, siblings, pros, friends, etc.
to accompany players in events, at lunch or on host courses.




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