2020 Dues Notice for the WBDGA

Celebrating 85 Years in 2020


Please print this page and return it with your $40 dues check.




Checks should be made out to WBDGA and mailed to:
Joan Boeheim, 17 Brambly Ct. Williamsville, NY 14221


Dues are due on receipt of this notice. Your name must be resubmitted if you decline membership or do not respond by 3/15/2020.

 Go to www.wbdga.com for more information. We will post dates as they get confirmed.
Honor Bright One Day Medal Championship
Four Gal Better Ball
Two Gal Better Ball


You must be a golfing member of your club for 2020 to be eligible to join.
If you are on a leave from your club you are not eligible.



Current Member Name:__________________________________________


Club:  _______________________________________________________


Phone:  ______________________________________________________



eMail: _____________________________________________(please print)


If you are not interested in joining the Women's Buffalo District Golf Association
for 2020 please reply to Joan at FJ2317@gmail.com and state that you are not joining the Women's Buffalo District Golf Association for 2020.


Your name must be submitted to be proposed again at a later date.


To be eligible, you must have a valid and current handicap to be proposed for
WBDGA membership: This includes a minimum of ten 18 hole scores
posted during each of the previous two seasons (2018& 2019)
or at least twenty 18 hole scores from 2019.



An junior proposed for membership must be 16 years old by 5/1/2020. Note that we
do not allow parents, caddies, coaches, siblings, pros, friends, etc.
to accompany players in events, at lunch or on host courses.




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