WBDGA Constitution and By-laws

2017 Officers:

Vaso Kroto, Tan Tara,

Debbie Lyons, East Aurora
Vice President

Ann M. Luhr, Cherry Hill, Secretary

Joan Boeheim, Fox Valley Club, Treasurer

Donna Henrich, Fox Valley, Tournament Chairwoman

Nancy Quinlivan, Prize Chairwoman 


Nancy Saia, Fox Valley
Kathy Hooper, Fox Valley


Revised 2008

Article 1    Dues

Sec. 1 Members whose dues are unpaid by the stated due date shall forfeit all rights to membership. Only one dues notice shall be sent to each member.


Article 2    Duties of Officers

Sec. 1  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee. She shall appoint all Standing Chairpersons, the nominating committee and fill all vacancies in office. She shall serve as ex-officio of all committees without a vote. She shall schedule the calendar of tournament events. She shall write the host clubs thank you letters after each event.


Sec. 2 The Vice president shall take the place of the President in her absence.  The Vice President will become President at the next election. She shall write the request letters to the Representatives of the host clubs two years in advance.


Sec. 3    The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Association and shall do all the correspondence as directed by the President. She shall notify all members of the Board of Directors regarding the time and place of the spring meeting not less than four weeks prior to the meeting. She shall sent out the annual dues notices to all members.


Sec. 4  The treasurer shall maintain all monies and pay all bills of the Association. She shall keep an itemized  account of all receipts and expenditures. At the Spring meeting, the Annual meeting, any Board meeting and at any other time requested by the Board, she shall present a complete written Treasurer's report showing all receipt's, expenditures and balances.



Sec. 5 The Assistant Treasurer shall collect the year-end indexes and update the roster. She shall collect the dues and send out the tournament forms to the paid members and compile the yearly roster with the clubs listed with their perspective members, their complete addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. She shall deposit all monies and forward the receipts to the Treasurer. In the absence of an assistant treasurer, the treasurer would assume all duties.


Sec. 6  The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer shall be required to file their signatures with the bank


Sec. 7  The terms of the officers of the Association shall commence at the adjournment of the last event of the season. It is the responsibility of the outgoing officers to turn over all records to incoming officers by November 1 of that year.


Article 3   Committees


Sec.1 There shall be the following Standing Chairpersons: Tournament, Prizes, Junior Girls, and there shall be a Standing Nominating Committee.


Sec. 2 The Tournament Chair shall collect all entries for the tournaments, arrange the pairings, mail the pairings to the member representatives, work with the host club and the member representative in setting up the rules and guidelines for the event, and work with the Prize Chair in setting up the flights for the events.


Sec. 3  The Prize Chair shall work with the Tournament Chair in setting up the flights and shall allot all prizes for  Association events.


Sec. 4  The Junior Girls' Chair shall supervise and coordinate all Junior Girls' tournament and events sponsored by the Association.


Sec. 5    The Nominating Committee shall consist of the President and two members which shall present for election a single slate of candidates for each office. This slate and any nominations from the floor shall be presented to the membership for a vote at the annual meeting biannually.


Article 4    Elections


Sec.1  The date for the biannual elections will be announced at the beginning of the season and will be held at the Annual meeting when all the players have completed play, during the lunch and before  prizes are announced  to ensure maximum participation.


Sec. 2 The President and the secretary shall manage the elections.   


*Clarification from Article 3, Membership; A fifteen year old female may be a proposed member in the fall providing that she will turn sixteen by May 1 of the next season.




Senior Championship age is 60 by the date of the event (as of Spring 2004).

Caddies shall not be used in WBDGA events (2008).

Two Gal: Handicap Gross and Net 2 day total Handicap: 75% after slope adjustment with a max. of 18 to start, which means no player gets more than 14 shots.

Four Gal: Handicap Gross and Net 2 day total Handicap: 80% after slope adjustment with a max. of 18 to start, which means no player gets more than 14 shots.

Proposed members: names are proposed each fall based on a player’s year end index. She must have 10 scores in for the year proposed and she must have a minimum of 20 scores posted in total, with all scores from the year of proposal or the preceding year (no further back). Thus, a full index (not a temp index), with her 20 scores recorded in the year of proposal and the preceding year.


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Text Box: Honorary Members:

Lancy Smith (2009)

At age 18, Lancy won the NY State Am for the first time. 1970-1984, tp ten twelve times and #1 in 1980. Five time Curtis Cup player and captain in 1984. Played in 15 USGA Women’s Opens.
WNY PGA Hall of Fame

Lolly Lenahan (2013)

Multi winner of WBDGA Championship and Sr. Championship.

Jane Riordan (2013)

Long time WBDGA Club Rep and volunteer.

Robbie Puszcz (2019) 

Lancaster CC
Asst. Treasurer & Rep
Winner of WBDGA Championship and
Sr. Championship.

Celebrating 88 Years in 2023



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Dress Code


Golf skirts, skorts and shorts, all not more than 4 inches above the knee, slacks, capris, shirts with sleeves and/or sleeveless shirts with collars ARE acceptable.  Short shorts, tank tops, tennis-length shorts and jeans are NOT acceptable at any event. Players who do not comply will be given the opportunity to change, wear rain pants or buy appropriate attire from the host pro shop. Failure to honor this policy will result in disqualification from the event.  All members dining inside the host clubhouse following play must remove all visors, caps and hats.