Celebrating 86 Years in 2021

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Your place on the course is directly behind the group in front of you.

If a player in your group needs to pick up their pace, politely say something.

If you are letting groups play through, you are out of place.

Lost a ball? The USGA allows 3 minutes to look. No longer than 3 minutes.   




September 28th & 29th

Two Gal — Wanakah


Congratulations to Kim Kaul on winning her 3rd

NY State Senior Championship


Please note that we make every effort to schedule around district, Western, NY State, and USGA events but we are given very little flexibility by our host clubs.


2021 Host Clubs, per the rotation. These are not confirmed unless noted.


¨ Championship @ Brookfield — 6/8/21 @ 8:30 Shotgun & 6/9/2021 tee times TBD for qualifiers 9

¨ Niagara Frontier @ 4 Gal — Thursday 8/19/21, 9:00 am Shotgun

¨ 1 Day Medal @ Fox Valley — Tuesday 9/7/21 @ 8:30 am

¨ 2 Gal @ Wanakah — Tuesday 9/28/21 @ 1:00 pm, Wednesday 9/29/21 @8:00 am




Bridgewater CC

Cloverbank CC (Brierwood)

Brookfield CC

Cherry Hill Club

Country Club of Buffalo

Crag Burn GC

East Aurora CC

Fox Valley Club

Gowanda CC

Lancaster CC

Niagara Frontier CC

Orchard Park CC

Park Country Club

River Oaks CC

Shorewood CC

Springville CC

Pendelton Pines CC (Tan Tara )

Transit Valley CC

Wanakah CC




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