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Please Note:

Effective 2012, due to bank charges all checks must be drawn on US Banks with US Funds. The Association was being charged for handling Canadian Checks.

Celebrating 86 Years in 2021

WBDGA Entry Forms will be added in the spring of 2021


Please note that we make every effort to schedule around district, Western, NY State, and USGA events but we are given very little flexibility by our host clubs.


2021 Host Clubs, per the rotation. These are not confirmed unless noted.


¨ Two Gal @ Wanakah — Tuesday 9/28/21 @ 1:00 pm, Wednesday 9/29/21 @8:00 am (Confirmed)

¨ Championship @ Brookfield

¨ One Day Medal @ Niagara Frontier

¨ Four Gal @ Cherry Hill — Tuesday 9/7/21 @ 8:30 am (Confirmed)


Dates are always tentative until confirmed on entry forms. Only admitted members in good standing may enter WBDGA events.



WGAWNY-2021              (See WGAWNY.COM for updates)


¨ Four Gal @ Park CC — Wednesday 5/19/2021, Shotgun start/morning (Confirmed)

¨ One Day Medal @ Transit Valley CC —Tuesday 7/13/2021, Shotgun start/morning (Confirmed)

¨ Championship @ Lancaster CC — Wednesday 7/21/21 and 7/22/21 (Confirmed)

¨ Two Gal @ Stafford CC — Monday August 9 & Tuesday August 10, 2021, Shotgun start (Confirmed)


   *WGAWNY dates & times are confirmed on www.wgawny.com



WNY Interclub Team Association 2021 Matches


2021 Championship Division Schedule


¨ Tan Tara—TBD

¨ Orchard Park CC—May 24, 2021 (confirmed and updated)

¨ Crag Burn— June 8, 2021 (confirmed and updated)


2021 Buffalo Cup Division Schedule


¨ Cherry Hill Club—May 14, 2021 (confirmed and updated, 8:00 am)

¨ Wanakah CC—May 25, 2021 (confirmed and updated)

¨ Niagara Falls CC—May 28, 2021 (confirmed and updated)



     The 2020 Buffalo Team Matches were cancelled.



Other Events of Interest


 New York State Golf Association





United States Golf Association


USGA Women’s Mid-Amateur (9.4 index limit)



USGA Senior Amateur (18.4 index limit)


Please confirm dates, index limits, age requirements and entry deadlines as they may change.



Entry Forms, Pairings and Results:

Two Gal BB

One Day Medal


Four Gal Better Ball



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