Women’s Interclub Team Association
81st Year - 2019
Team Match Schedule



· 3rd Round pairings made by standings after the 2nd Round.

· Partner’s better ball, no handicap. Hole out all putts for BB scoring.

· Pick up if / when out of a hole.

· GPS devices are allowed per USGA.


· Please do not use cell phones in telephone mode on or around the host clubhouse or in public areas where host club members might be sensitive to their use. Checking messages on the course is normally OK as long as it does not slow play. 

· Appropriate golf attire dress code is in effect.

· Bermuda shorts/skorts  2” above the knee, no cargo pants, sleeveless shirts must have a collar. If you are not sure, don’t wear it.

· Please note: non-metal spikes are required on ALL member courses!

· $$ Please remember to pay your rep or host pro shop for your carts!


Scores will be posted as available



Ties for 1
st place in the Championship Division will be played off in an 18 hole round on a neutral course, with sudden death for a tie after 18 holes.



In the event of a tie for last place in the Championship Division or a tie for 1st place in Buffalo Cup Division there will be an immediate 3 hole playoff (cumulative) followed by sudden death starting on hole four. The winner will move on to the challenge match.

Championship Division

Fox Valley, 2018 Champions


Buffalo Cup

Crag Burn, 2018 Champions

2019 Championship Division Schedule



¨ Park Club will host on Thursday May 23, 2019

¨ Fox Valley will host on Thursday May 30, 2019 (8 am shotgun per club)

¨ Gowanda will host on Tuesday June 4, 2019



2019 Buffalo Cup Division Schedule



¨ Brierwood CC is Tuesday May 21, 2019

¨ CC of Buffalo is Wednesday May 29, 2019

¨ Niagara Falls CC is Friday June 14, 2019


The challenge round will be hosted by River Oaks

on June 21st with tee times starting at 10:45

Carts $20

Club Name XXX
Team #1


Hole #2







Team BB



Opponent BB



2019 Captain’s Meeting @ OPCC

Wednesday May 6, 2019 at 6:30 PM

Thursday May 23nd
Park Country Club

Pro Shop: 716-632-2121
Host Captain:
Bonnie Milller

Park Club — Fox Valley

8:30 – 8:46

Carts are $21.75 per person. Sign back to your club. Lunch is available off of the menu and sign back to your club. No cell phones.


Gowanda Brookfield

8:54 – 9:10

Bridgewater — East Aurora

9:18 – 9:34

Orchard Park — Tan Tara

9:42 – 9:58

Transit Valley Crag Burn

10:06 – 10:22

Tuesday June 4th    
Gowanda Country Club

Pro Shop: 905-871-2500
Captain: Kari Kaul

1 – 2

9:00 – 9:16


Carts are $18.00 per person. Pay cash/credit card or sign back to your club. For lunch, cash or credit card or sign back to your club.




2623 Brown St. Collins, NY 14034

3 – 4

9:24 – 9:40

5 6

9:48 – 10:04

7 8

10:12 – 10:28

9 10

10:36 – 10:52

Thursday May 30th
Fox Valley Club       
Note: 8:00 am Shotgun

Pro Shop: 716-633-6161
Host Captain:
Joan Boeheim

Brookfield  — Tan Tara


Carts are $23. Pay your captain and she will write one check for $138 to Fox Valley Club. Buffet lunch in the Club Housecash or charge back to your club.

Crag Burn — Fox Valley


Orchard Park Park Club


 Transit Valley East Aurora


Gowanda — Bridgewater


2019 Buffalo Cup Division

Notes:  Medalists: Niagara Falls CC—Tracy and Rose Ann, 85

Slow play was a problem in the early pairings. Remember to pick up if you are out of a hole. There were open holes and more  space on 15, 16 & 17. On most holes, you should be driving to your 2nd shot when the group in front of you is hitting to  the green (par 5) or is on the green (par 4).

The USGA now allows only
3 minutes to look for a ball.  Please hit a provisional ball (after advising your group) when you are not sure if your shot is safe.


Valerie McCauley


2018 Full Results


Tuesday May 21st
Brierwood Country Club

Thank you to the Brierwood staff and to our Host Captain
Lynn Schroeder

Brierwood River Oaks


276-Cherry Hill
277-Brierwood, Niagara Falls CC
292-Niagara Frontier
300 Springville CC
313-River Oaks
322-Lancaster CC
329-CC of Buffalo

 Lancaster Niagara Falls CC 

 Wanakah CC of Buffalo

Cherry Hill Springville

Niagara Frontier Markers

Friday June 14th
Niagara Falls Country Club

Pro Shop: 716-282-1204
Host Captain:
Patti Lank

1 – 2

8:00 – 8:16

Carts are $21.00—pay cash or check. For food—sign back to your club.



 3 – 4

8:24 – 8:40

5 – 6

8:48 –9:04

7 8

9:12 – 9:28

9 – Markers

9:36 – 9:52

Wednesday May 29th
Country  Club of Buffalo

Pro Shop: 716-632-1100
Host Captain:  Joan Nenno

 CC Buffalo — Niagara Falls CC

8:00 – 8:16

Carts are $29.36 per person. Sign back to your club. Lunch is available in the clubhouse—sign back to your club. Complimentary continental breakfast. No cell phones. Pleas adhere to dress code.



Wanakah — Cherry Hill

8:24 – 8:40

Springville Lancaster

8:48 – 9:04

Brierwood — Niagara Frontier CC

9:12 – 9:28

River Oaks Markers

9:36 –9:52