Women’s Buffalo District Golf Association Entry

2016 Four Gal Entry Form

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Bridgewater CC
Monday June 20, 2016




            Overall Net (132)

               McBride, Ruth                                      BWTR                                            

               Ott, Marge                                             BWTR                                            

               Walber, Laura                                       BWTR                                                      

               Tymchyshen, Fran                                BWTR

               (From First Flight)


               Overall Gross (139)

               Kaul, Kim                                              GCC                                                

                 Potter, Lori                                              EA                                                  

               Murphy, Julie                                        BF                                 

               Pawlowski, Jen                                      BF                                 

               (From First Flight)


               First Flight Low Gross (151)

               Puszcz, Robbie                                     LCC                                                

               Luhr, Ann                                               CH                                                  

               Bauer, Mary Grace                               PCC                                                

               Smith, Lancy                                          PCC                                                


               First Flight Low Net (142)

                 Hanavan, Patty                                      TT                                                  

                 Galanes, Stacy                                       TT                                                  

                 Kroto, Vaso                                            TT                                                  

                 Ashby, Diane                                         TT                                                  



                 Second Flight Low Net (140)

                 Boeheim, Joan                                       FV

                 Johnson, Sharon                                    FV

                 Bevilacqua, Marci                                  FV

                 Kay, Jeanne                                           EA



                 Second Flight Low Gross (169)

                 Saia, Nancy                                            FV

               Voigt, Kathy                                           FV

                 Rieman, Barb                                         FV

                 Schaus, Barb                                          FV






Note:  We planned to have our Response to Love Center Fund Raiser at this event. Due to the small field, the collected will go to the RTL Center but the event will be moved to the 2-Gal at East Aurora CC.. If you paid, you will be entered in the drawing even if you do not play in the 2-Gal.



Response to Love Center:


When St. Adalbert’s parish school was closed in 1985, the local community was gripped with grief, frustration, and a deep fear for the future. Twenty-four hours after the school closing, June 26, 1985, the Response To Love Center was born. The Center’s  focus is the holistic treatment of poverty: loving care of the economically deprived, the spiritually poor, the emotionally battered, the isolated, the wounded and the broken.



Food Pantry

Soup Kitchen

Education Support

Thrift Shop

Donations are tax deductible




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Gross and Net 
Net Overall
Handicap: 75% after slope adjustment with a max. of 18 to start, which means no player gets more than 14 shots