Women’s Buffalo District Golf AssociatioN Entry

One Day Medal Crag Burn GC June 18, 2024

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Pairings will be posted as they become available.


Please do not email looking for pairings.


If they are not posted, they are not completed.


We are required to confirm our numbers in advance of the event. If you cancel or no-show, you will not receive a refund.




Thank you to Jodi for setting things up with the great staff from Crag Burn
and special thanks to Frank and his team.


Gross prizes. No net prizes awarded.

Scores should be posted as tournament scores and posting may be checked by committee.






Kim Kaul 78

Flight 1

Vaso Kroto 86

Marge Ott 87

Christie Malo 88

Flight 2

Robin Wilson 79

Nancy Nappo 88

Donna Henrich 89

Flight 3

Roxanne Williams 95 (MC)

Terri DeLuca 95 (MC)

Linda Priselac 98

Flight 4

Jodi Deriszner 90

Karen Mazurkiewicz 91

Michelle Kirby 94

Flight 5

Joan Broad 94

Jean Schaedler 98

Lynn Gotsch 100

Flight 6

Barb Elliott 97

Kathy Bonarek 98

Sherrill Kujawski 103