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WBGDA Slow Play Policy




At our recent Spring Rep Meeting, we heard complaints of slow play - especially at the Championships.  While we are sensitive to the desire to think about all of your shots in competition, slow play is a serious problem.  In fact, your deliberateness to make sure that every shot is perfect, may be just what makes your opponent rush her shots in an attempt to catch up to the group ahead.  So, while you are taking your time with every shot, the other ladies in your foursome can’t take any time with their shots.


We all know that slow play violates the rules of golf.  We also need to clear the courses in a reasonable time for our hosts.  In the past our Association rarely enforced the slow play rules and penalties.  Just so you are prepared -  this policy has changed effective immediately.  Slow Play rules will be enforced and penalty strokes imposed if need be.


The policy of the Association will be as follows:


· We will ask the Course Professional Staff to act as rangers for our events.  They will look for groups out of rotation or players who are particularly slow.

· If a group is out of position, the Professional Staff member will speak with each member of the foursome individually (between holes) to see if there are problems of note, including individuals who are playing slowly.

· As unobtrusively as possible, the Professional Staff member will then time the group and each player in the group as he or she sees fit.

The Professional Staff member will then





Now, there are some of us who never believe that we play slowly.  Heck, some of us don’t play well enough to take time with our shots.  However, some of us are pokey in other ways that result in slow play.  Follow these simple rules and you are sure to play faster and avoid penalties and nasty confrontations.


· Always be ready to hit.  Check your yardage on the way to the shot.  Be aware of your circumstances.  The cart ride between shots is not conversation time.  First, use that time to plan your next shot and allow your cart mate to do the same.  (Sometimes we are too polite to cut off someone’s conversation, but do cut it off until you are ready to hit.)

· Avoid the “pack mentality”.  Even though you are sharing a cart with your good friend or your long-lost high school buddy, you do not need to be bound to the hip for the entire round.  Drop her off at her ball and drive to your own.  Do not wait for her to hit if it is possible for you to go to your ball and get ready to hit.  (Just don’t forget to go back and pick her up when you are done!)

· Line up your putts while your opponents are doing the same.  Don’t wait until it’s your turn to hit.

· Mark the scores when you arrive at the next tee.  Isn’t it infuriating when you are waiting for a group to finally clear the green and then, once they finally make it to their carts, you have to wait a couple more minutes while they rehash  their scores.  Get out of the way!


We are committed to finishing each golf round in 4 ½ hours.  This may be more difficult if the field is very large, but know that this is what we expect of each and every one of you (and us!)   We know there will be bad shots that lead to more bad shots, etc.  We understand and accept this.  You will not be penalized when you are already suffering.  We’ve all been there.  It is just not fair for one or two players to use up all of the time for the foursome.


Ok, you’ve been prodded, begged and now warned - get moving out there!  We’ll all have more fun!



Your Board of Directors



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